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Why Should Teenagers Undergo Cyber Security Training Courses

According to “42% of young people were bullied on Instagram. Meanwhile, others say they experienced this on Facebook (37%), Snapchat (31%), WhatsApp (12%), YouTube (10%), and Twitter (9%)”. Teens often get targeted on social media, video streaming sites, chat rooms, and online video games as they spend more time on the internet than adults. This makes them the most vulnerable victim of Cyber attackers. In today’s time, teens should not be able to defend themselves against cybercrimes and but they need to be trained in Cyber Defense for safeguarding themselves, their families as well make their career in Cyber Security as this industry has the highest number for skill shortage. In this blog, we will unfold how teens can pave an early career pathway in Cyber Security and also be versed in Cyber Hygiene.

Online Cyber Security TrainingLet’s have a look at some potential threats they might have to face. They have to understand that cybercriminals and hackers are always looking for vulnerable targets to attack and steal information. Effective cyber defense classes will make them more capable of combating the growing problem of cybercrimes.

4 Ways Teenagers Can Stay Away From Cyber Crimes
Ensure Password Safety
Passwords are the basis of digital life. If you are setting a password for an account, include numbers, letters, and symbols, which will be challenging for others to crack. You should also avoid writing down the password anywhere. Rather, you can consider using a secure password manager. You can also use a two-factor authentication like a time-based one-time password or a physical security key. Even if there is someone in your friends’ circle whom you trust blindly, avoid sharing your password with them. They will get the authority to see everything you have done online.

Computer Safety
You should put a camera cover over your webcam if you don’t want someone to activate it by breaking into your computer remotely. You should also avoid opening emails received from unknown sources. It might also occur that someone is pretending to be someone they are not. It is advisable not to download email attachments if you were not expecting the mail. It would help if you also avoided the temptation of clicking on any random link. If you really want to open it, copy and paste it. To know more about computer safety, you can get in touch with a reputable institute providing online cyber security training courses at competitive prices.

Secure Your Mobile
Mobile safety is as important as password safety. Protecting your smartphone will become easier if you keep track of its location all the time. You can also set a password so that no one can ever use it in your absence or if you lose it. Instead of downloading any app, you come across, make sure it is from a reliable source. Sometimes, hackers create apps that look genuine but start malfunctioning once you download them and steal personal information from your mobile. If you are not using a Bluetooth connection, disable the feature. The information on your phone will be more prone to hijack if you use your Bluetooth in public places.

Importance of Cyber Hygiene

Other than keeping your system and devices safe, it is also important that we safeguard our personal information from potential cyber threats. We (especially teens) should know how to protect personal info, what to share online, and whatnot. Cyberstalkers, cyberbullies, and cybercriminals can abuse teens online.

Thus, considering the essentiality of Cyber Hygiene, WhizHack Technologies has introduced a multi-tiered Teenager Program that is specially designed to make kids and parents capable of identifying cyber crimes and highlight the career opportunities for teens in the cyber security industry.

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