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Why is Digital Security Going to be the Next Big Thing?

With the onset of the pandemic, the dependency of companies on digital platforms has increased. Most global and Indian companies are now forced to adapt the work from home model. Remote working processes are the new normal nowadays. However, these sudden changes have made companies and people vulnerable to digital cyber attacks and ransomware cyber attacks.

India has successfully topped the list of the countries facing cyber attacks last year. The major reason is, more than half of the Indian companies are ignorant about the different types of cyber-attacks and ways to mitigate them. With instances of ransomware attacks and digital supply chain attacks rising, digital security is definitely going to be the next big thing.

It’s high time that Indian companies educate their employees about the types of cyber threats they are likely to encounter in the coming days. A random click on a seemingly harmless link might wipe away the complete database of a company. Recently, ignorance and lack of proper knowledge about digital security have put many companies under such gruesome situations. Thus, digital security should be the prime matter of concern for all types of companies, irrespective of the industry in which they operate.

4 reasons that make digital security important now more than ever

Cyber professionals to prevent company data loss

Companies globally are experiencing hacks, data breaches and crashing of IT technology due to the ever-increasing rate of cyberattacks. The cost of data breach recovery for the companies are very high. According to a report of IBM, the average recovery cost has increased to $4.24 million from $3.86 million. Thus, arranging for sufficient digital security is more than important now. The cybersecurity skills like cloud security and application development security have rose by 164% globally. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, cyber security jobs for these two skills are the fastest-growing career nationally.

Cyber professionals to handle loopholes in technology

You might well be rejoicing at the idea of the invention of 5G technology. However, 5G networks create a highly expanded multidimensional network that is vulnerable to different cyberattacks. Thus, the need for digital security is ever increasing nowadays as companies have to find a way to secure their 5G network. Globally on an average only 90,000 CISSPs are to be found which is not enough. To prevent the hackers from using the loopholes of the advanced technology, a greater number of cyber professionals are required in the coming years. Thus, US Bureau of Labor Statistics rightly projects that the job of information security analyst is ranking in the 10th position among the fastest-growing jobs globally.

Cyber security skills needed to stop financial scams

Not only companies but cyber-attacks are also causing problems in the peaceful life of every individual around the globe. Bank frauds, ATM cloning, personal data breach and social media hacks are a few situations that need to be taken care of immediately. As per an article published in The Hindu, to prevent such financial scams, India needs more cyber security professionals. There’s a shortage of around 43% in terms of different cybersecurity skills. Within 2025 around 1.5 million cyber security jobs position needs to be filled in India alone, if complete data protection needs to be ensured. Hence, it can be rightfully said that cyber security is the next big thing.

Owing to the above factors it is inevitable that ensuring end-to-end Cyber Security is the only way to succeed with the ever-enhancing digital space. There is going be increased demand for CyberSecurity Experts globally. Thus, ‘digital security is going to be the next big thing in coming future ensuring a flourishing career for those who have the right skills. To upgrade your skills and knowledge about digital security and cyber-attacks, enrol into Whizhack Technologies. We offer a multi-tiered teenage program in cyber security. Partnered with IIT Jodhpur, you will receive basic and advanced insights into cyberattacks, threats and preventive measures. Our Cyber security courses are designed to help young minds learn about the technicalities of cyber defence. Enrol into our courses and learn about the vulnerabilities of cyber threats. You’ll also learn different ways to identify and prevent the same.

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