Virtual Lab – a powerful security tool



Help users time and effort because they do not need to adhere to certain times to enter the lab, or to move from one place to another. Labs can be created in multiple clouds where the users have accounts, providing great flexibility. If something goes wrong the whole labs can be created within minutes. Multiple labs can be created at a fraction of the cost, whenever required.

Virtual Labs

Virtual Lab can be used as a powerful yet simple security tool for testing and development for cyber security professionals. Before the advent of Virtual Lab, a security lab required the configuration of multiple physical machines to replicate a network environment for testing. This complex and difficult to manage environment was a significant barrier for new security professionals in developing their skills. Using this technology, professionals can understand how operating systems are affected by different (malicious) environments without physically building the environment.

Key Features

  • Software Defined Customized Research Labs

  • Totally Software-defined templates

  • Quickly customizable

  • All Relevant tools installed

  • Can be set in days instead of months

  • Very Inexpensive to setup

  • Supports all major Cloud Providers (AWS, Azure, VMware and GCP)