A Studio for Designing Course Content and Learning Management System

Highly Scalable Course Platform with integrated Virtual Machines and Multimedia content

It has two major components – Studio for designing course content and LMS (Learning Management System). Many authors can collaborate on one course, which allows rapid course construction and structure adjustment if need be. Architecture is highly scalable and can be deployed using docker on public clouds. It allows storing of data in the cloud thus providing immense security mechanisms to ensure the data and personal details are safe and secure.

Key Features

Empower learners and instructors

  • Interactive forums and discussion boards
  • Advanced learner and Instructor dashboards
  • Live video conferencing

Cross-device / cross-platform

  • Works on any device
  • Extensible and inclusive
  • Customizable and easy to use
  • Creates learning platform in minutes
  • In the cloud with integration to VMs
  • Multi-tenant

Rich authoring experience

  • Interactive content with adaptive video streaming
  • Multimedia, animation, and simulation
  • AR, VR, and more

Intelligent analytics

  • Dashboards with near real-time data analysis
  • Insights for course teams
  • Extensive data collection for learning researchers & instructors

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