Understanding the Forensics Data Analysis

Digital Investigation Process

WhizForensics as a Service

WhizHack is collaborating with Government agencies for the creation of Digital Forensic labs using modern tools and technologies. The services that are provided through these Labs are as follows:

Digital Forensics – Acquisition, Recovery, Examination, Analysis, Expert opinion, and Investigation. Some of these are Mobile Forensics, Video Forensics, Disk Forensics, Email Forensics and so on.

Legal Forensics – Expert testimony, Forensics for criminal litigation and civil litigation support etc.

It is generally difficult for detectives without a digital background to attribute, evaluate, interpret and reconstruct digital traces. For these tasks they need to understand how and why certain traces exist and what events can lead to a given collection of digital traces. If a relevant trace is found, it is generally a good idea for a detective to find assistance with a digital investigator that can help the detective perform these tasks.

To help with all this our forensic team consists of the following persons and Consultants:

  • Digital Forensics experts
  • Investigative lawyers – with Civil and Criminal laws expertise
  • Former law enforcement officers
  • Data experts
  • Specialist researchers on techno-legal areas

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