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What Makes WhizHack One of The Best Institutes for Cybersecurity Courses

Recently, there has been a sudden increase in the number of cybercrimes happening all over the world. these attacks not only affect companies or organisations but also the common people.

“The best way to DEFEND is to ATTACK”
One can protect ourself in the online world if he/she understands how these hackers operate. Now to learn how these Hackers/Attackers/Cyber-Terrorists you need to learn the basics of Hacking itself.

This can be achieved by two methods both need teachers.

Self Learning: Making curiosity your best teacher one can learn cyber security on its own and better. all it needs is time and effort. It is a long-term decision as it needs lots of research and dedication it also has lots of failures.
Joining a cyber security program: one can choose an institute offering the best Cyber Security Training.
With numerous institutes offering cybersecurity courses scattered all over India, choosing one often becomes challenging for students. WhizHack is not only renowned for offering cyber security school programs in India but is also one of the best institutes for cyber defense courses. Join the experts if you want to become a part of the highest-paying industry with a 0% unemployment rate. It will become easier for you to choose the right course to boost your career if you know more about them.

Two Comprehensive Courses You Can Choose From
TISC Advanced Certificate Program on CyberDefense
Cyber Security School Programs for Teenagers
What Is Cyber Defense Course?
One of the cyber security programs which have gained much popularity lately is IITJ Bootcamp. TISC Advanced Certificate Program on Cyber Defense offers dual certification, which is beneficial for those willing to make a career in the cybersecurity industry. WhizHack and Cybint Israel support the training program, which combines with one of India’s most prestigious academic institutions, IIT. The course is specially designed for Indian youth so they can specialize and enhance their knowledge about cyber defense. It will prepare them for entry-level jobs in cybersecurity.

Who Can Undergo Cyber Defense Course?
Fresh graduates can undergo the course if they want to explore career opportunities in International and Indian Cyber-Security. Upon completing the course, two certificates will be awarded from IIT Jodhpur TISC and Cybint aligned with NIST-NICE (US). The skills you will learn while undergoing this course will make it easier for you to choose from numerous high-paying careers in India and worldwide. (CISO, Compliance Auditor, etc.)

What is Cyber Security School Program?
WhizHack is offering the cyber security school program where the teaching and course structure is focused on school student mindsets. courses are made for each level of student and by one of the finest industrial experts. Since all know how important is cyber security in the life of everyday users of Schools. after the shifting of education to mostly online it is a mandatory procedure, every student must follow.

With the help of industrial trainers and IIT Jodhpur. we came up with Multi – Tired Teenager Program

The Multi-Tiered Teenager Program
LEVEL 1: WhizHack Cyber Ninjas (awareness program): It is a one-day awareness program aimed at making students and their parents aware of the threats and cybercrimes. during this course one will understand the thinking of a black hat hacker (cybercriminal / unethical hacker). also, what should do ort how to react if anything happens to them or anyone known in the field of cyber security. It is a 3-hour live program through which students will learn how to stay safe and maintain privacy online.

LEVEL 2 WhizHack Cyber Samurai: It is a course for one who is interested in this Cyber Security world of Wonders and to learn what all can be achieved by one in this field. during this course, one will learn about very interesting topics like

Networking fundamentals
Information Security
Cyber Ethics
and many more.

LEVEL 3 WhizHack Cyber Guru (Advance Course): It is a program for the individual who wants to make a complete career in Cyber Security and learn how Real-World Hacking Works. also, sharpen their skills on Very Tempting Skills like

Bug Hunting / Bug Bounty
Ethical Hacking and
Digital Forensics.
WhizHack Technologies offers numerous other courses, so any time is the right time to contact their experts.

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