Web Pentesting

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About the Course

In this course, you’ll begin your pentesting career with a focus on Web application penetration testing, looking at methodologies, the OWASP top ten threat list, you will learn how to detect live vulnerabilities in websites & you’ll get a complete idea of how to create a report while submitting any bug. This course is for college students & working professionals. After completing this he/she will be able to find and report vulnerabilities so they can earn rewards through bug bounty programs.  

The Prerequisites: 

A computer or laptop with internet to access cloud-based labs

Learning objective

  • 01

    Recognize common web application security vulnerabilities and how to determine if they are present in web applications 

  • 02

    Recognize web application design assumptions and how to exploit them 

  • 03

    Be familiar with the capabilities of various Browser Proxies 

  • 04

    Be familiar with the capabilities of various Penetration Testing tools 

  • 05

    Be prepared to detect Access Control Vulnerabilities 

  • 06

    Be prepared to detect SQL Injection Vulnerabilities 

  • 07

    Be prepared to detect Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Vulnerabilities 

  • 08

    Be prepared to detect Authentication and Session Vulnerabilities 

  • 09

    Be prepared to test web application security   


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    Introduction of Web App Pentesting 

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    Website Basics 

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    Information Gathering 

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    Introduction to Burpsuite 

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    OWASP Top 10 

  • svg

    SQL Injection 

  • svg

    Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) 

  • svg

    Cross-Site Request Forgery 

  • svg

    Server Site Request Forgery 

  • svg

    Insecure Direct Object References IDOR 

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    Broken Authentication