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Bootcamp in advanced


Advanced Cyber Security Course

This Advanced Cyber Security Course is a blend of the latest cyber security content and Cloud hosted labs integrated with industries top tools, which append specialization! through this one can enter a basic level Cyber Analyst field.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for any background because we will provide from what is computer to complete knowledge of cyber security.

What are the prerequisites for this course?

A computer or laptop with internet access for virtual classes and hands-on cloud-hosted labs. 


  • Course Module 1: Foundation of Networking

  • Course Module 2: OS Essentials

  • Course Module 3: Fundamentals of Information Security

  • Course Module 4: Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security and Cloud


  • 01


    Complete Understanding of Networking like (Types of Networks, Network Topology, OSI and TCP/IP Model, Sub-netting, Routing)

  • 02

    OS Essentials

    OS basics, Virtualization basics, Windows Essentials, Linux Essentials.

  • 03

    Fundamentals of Information Security

    Basic Concepts of Info. Security, Concepts of Web, Concepts of Cryptography, Cyber Laws and compliances.

  • 04

    Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security & Cloud

    Complete Knowledge of Hacking and Remediation techniques like: (Information Gathering & OSINT Essentials, Scanning and Enumeration, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, System Hacking, Malware Threats & Analysis, Sniffing & Spoofing, Steganography etc.)

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