Top Reasons To Join IIT Jodhpur TISC Advanced Certificate Program on Cyber Defense


IITJ Bootcamp supported by WhizHack and Cybint Israel is India’s first and only cybersecurity training program that offers dual certification. The training program combines India’s prestigious academic institution, IIT, and the world’s top country in cybersecurity, Israel. The aim of the course is to provide a unique opportunity for Indian youth to specialize in cyber defense.  It is designed in a way to help prepare people with little or no background in IT for entry-level jobs in cybersecurity. Excelling in these skill sets will allow boot campers to explore high-paying careers in India as well as globally.

Why Cyber Security And Cyber Defense 

If you’re looking for reasons to learn cyber security online in blended format and how it is going to help you, let us guide you through.

Cybersecurity is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries with 30x growth over the last decade. In the currency scenario, it is a lucrative career path. India and the US are two countries facing the highest cyber-attacks and there’s a huge shortage of talent in India to tackle the same. With that said, industry professionals and experts in the field are looking for resources to join them.

The course offers two certificates, one from IIT Jodhpur TISC and the second from Cybint that is aligned with NIST-NICE (US). On the completion of the course, fresh graduates can explore both international and Indian cyber defense career opportunities.

Further, not only will the current experts be able to broaden their skillsets through the best cybersecurity courses, if college continues to bring up these beneficial courses, youth will also continue to fill these job roles effectively. Well, to let you know it is only the beginning of the rise in cybersecurity jobs. So, with numerous career opportunities and growth, the only thing standing between you and your goal is the required skillset and specialized certification.

Who Is This Course For

The Cyber Defense Bootcamp is for anyone who is looking forward to becoming a cybersecurity expert. The training is well crafted to also help prepare people with little or no background in IT. If an enriching career is something you’re looking for, this cyber security training certification is apt for you. The certification holds values all over India and beyond and will open doors to many opportunities.

About The Course

Here’s everything you need to know about IIT Jodhpur TISC Advanced Certificate Program on Cyber Defense!

  1. The training for the dual certification program will be provided jointly by Indian and Israeli faculty to graduates and working professionals who are looking to advance their careers in cyber defense.
  2. The 480 hours of quality content, the 6 months course will have 12 self-paced modules along with doubt clearing classes and live sessions by Israeli expert and IITJ faculty
  3. We understand that the learning pace of each individual is different, that is why Bootccampers will about half of the program in the self-paced format with time-bound assessments and project-based assignments. The live virtual classes will happen only twice a week, 4 hours each day

Fee Details  

Program Fee: Rs. 225,000+GST

Early Bird Fee: Rs. 200,000+GST (subject to acceptance of Statement of Purpose)

EMI options against credit cards available

Benefits Of Cyber Security Certificate Courses

The more dependent we become on technology, our threat to cyber security increases manifold which in turn increases the demand for cyber security jobs. The industry has literally seen 0 percent unemployment for nearly a decade. Cyber security courses for beginners are the latest in-demand course and are important as they can give you an upper edge when you go for an interview especially in India. The certifications also show a level of accomplishment and commitment you have towards your career to your employer.

If you are looking for a job in cybersecurity, this course by IIT Jodhpur TISC Advanced Certificate Program on Cyber Defense powered by WhizHack Technologies and Cybint, Israel will definitely help you in answering questions of the interview at ease since the boot camps cover all the hands-on training and practical skills necessary to land a good job in cybersecurity.


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