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Top Career Prospects After Completing Cyber Security Courses Online

Cybersecurity is emerging as a pressing concern and issue across all industries, as digital transformation and implementation of next-generation technologies are taking over slowly. The threat landscape is gradually expanding as the number of cyber-attacks and cyber breaches reaches an all-time high, which is one of the many reasons why there is a dire need for qualified cybersecurity professionals across different industries. Cybersecurity courses online are emerging as an effective and quick way to meet this growing demand, and enthusiastic individuals can land great entry-level positions by completing a cybersecurity basic course, such as the ones provided by Whizhack. Here are some of the top career prospects for individuals after completing their cybersecurity courses online!

  1. Incident Responder

An Incident Responder in the field of cybersecurity is a huge asset for any organization they work with and have to undergo comprehensive cybersecurity incident response training, which can be done through the best cybersecurity courses available online. The main job role and responsibility of an Incident Responder in the field of cybersecurity is to quickly and effectively resolve threat issues and implement necessary protocols and best case practices to prevent future attacks and threats.

  1. Cybersecurity Specialist

A Cybersecurity Specialist has the primary job role of protecting and safeguarding a company’s software and network security systems. Individuals interested in this job role can opt for the top cybersecurity courses available online, that can provide them the required training to carry out essential functions such as conducting internal and external audits, performing risk analyses, carrying out vulnerability testing, and performing security assessments.

  1. Cybersecurity Analyst

This is perhaps one of the most popular and lucrative job roles available and in demand in the field of cybersecurity today. A Cybersecurity Analyst undergoes comprehensive training to weed out the weaknesses and shortcomings in an organization’s cybersecurity software and protocols. Moreover, the job role also requires individuals to plan, implement, and periodically update the cybersecurity measures and controls in an organization. Additionally, a Cybersecurity Analyst also trains fellow employees concerning security awareness, procedures, and best case practices to avoid security breaches and hacks.  Companies such as Whizhack provide some of the best cybersecurity courses online for aspiring and passionate individuals to help them get this job role.

  1. Cybersecurity Administrator

A Cybersecurity Administrator has the important responsibility of understanding an organization’s cybersecurity mainframe and system. They play a crucial role in ensuring that it is up and running, securely and optimally.

  1. Cybersecurity Auditor

A Cybersecurity Auditor, as the name suggests, is to assess and audit the security systems of an organization and effectively safeguard them from cyber threats and breaches. The best cybersecurity courses online, such as the ones provided by Whizhack, train individuals meticulously to help them understand their role and responsibility and enable them to acquire great entry-level jobs as Cybersecurity Auditors.

  1. Cybersecurity Manager

A Cybersecurity Manager is a seasoned professional responsible for the maintenance and implementation of various security protocols through a company or an organization. A Cybersecurity Manager is largely responsible for creating and improving strategies to increase network and internet-related security measures, which are related to different projects. They are also in charge of managing a team of qualified IT professionals to ensure the highest and the best standards of data security. Additionally, a Cybersecurity Manager also reviews existing security policies and protocols and ensures they are relevant and updated as per the latest threats in the industry. They are also responsible for performing regular checks on all servers, routers, switches, and other connected devices to make sure there are no loopholes or shortcomings in a company’s security system.

  1. Cybersecurity Architect 

Cybersecurity Architects are in huge demand in the field of cybersecurity and individuals who wish to pursue this job role can opt for Whizhack’s top cybersecurity courses online to gain relevant skills, training, and experience. A Cybersecurity Architect plays a crucial and monumental role in planning and designing the overall network and security architecture for an organization. They play an important role in planning, researching, and designing elements of security without which a company’s security system is vulnerable to cyber-attacks and breaches. These professionals first create a security layout and design based on the needs of the organization and then work in collaboration with the programming team to build a comprehensive final structure. They are also responsible for developing relevant company policies and protocols to dictate how employees should make the best use of the security systems and come up with strategic plans of action in case there are any lapses or breaches in the overall cybersecurity system of their organization.

  1. Vulnerability Assessor

A Vulnerability Assessor, like the name suggests, has the important job role to find, assess, and analyze possible errors and shortcomings in an organization’s cybersecurity systems and protocols. They are crucial for any organization looking to optimize its security systems and prevent breaches and attacks. Through a cybersecurity basic course provided by recognized organizations such as Whizhack, individuals can receive relevant training for this job role and build a successful career in the field of cybersecurity.

  1. Forensic Expert 

A Forensic Expert in the field of cybersecurity is responsible for analyzing the causes of a breach to determine how and when a breach happened and who was behind or responsible for it. This role involves and requires individuals to be extremely meticulous and calculating, as they need to know how to handle evidence and are usually the first responders when a breach or attack occurs. There are several cybersecurity courses online that prepare aspirants for this important role to help them build successful careers in this field.

  1. Penetration Tester

A Penetration Tester, also known as an ethical hacker, is one of the most lucrative job roles available in this field. These professionals hack into an organization’s cyber system to assess the strength of the security system and aim to fix vulnerabilities to make them stronger and resilient in case they face any attacks. One needs to complete comprehensive cybersecurity and ethical hacking courses to become a qualified ethical hacker.

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