The opportunity of Cyber Defence in Teenagers

cyber security course for teenagers Owing to the increased dependency on the internet and cloud storage, the rise in cybercrime has spurred rapidly in past few years. Consequently, there has been a significant rise in the need for cyber security experts to combat the online threats that have been enhancing day by day. If we go by what the experts say, according to a leading to Cybercrime magazine “Cybersecurity unemployment rate drops to zero percent” in the recent time. Hence, the rise in endless opportunities for Cyber Defence Experts. In fact, cyber security is one of the industries in which age is not a barrier for anyone to kick start the career; there are examples globally of kids or teenagers who have proven themselves as Cyber Security Expert without any pre-requisite expertise.

Thus, being aware and educated about cyber security threats is very crucial for all age groups, especially for teenagers as they are more vulnerable. In today’s digital world where everything can be done online with just a few clicks, gives cybercriminals a way to rob and hack very easily. Not only that, there are several instances where teens have been victims of cyberbullying and cyberstalking.

Over Come the Threats and Grab the Opportunities:

Being educated or aware of Cyber Security not only helps all of us (especially teens) to overcome the threats that are prevailing online but also leads to several opportunities. Considering the skill-shortage of shortage for cyber security experts, if the younger generation takes up the Cyber Security Skills they can bridge the gap in the Cyber Security Industry.

Age is Not a Barrier:

A teen Highschool dropout from Mumbai runs his own cyber security company with 4 offices in India and Dubai. He started with small projects and earned his first income through cyber security with just 60k which he saved to start his own company named TAC, with 40% growth in the first quarter of every financial He aspires to make his company a billion-dollar company. Another 13 year old from Austin is also known as a cyber ninja is a cybersecurity expert. He once managed to hack into a drone during Kaspersky Lab’s annual cyber security weekend. These personalities have proven themselves as Cyber Security Heroes at a very tender age. To learn Cyber Security, you do not need any prerequisite skills and this fact makes it an open industry for everyone. Teenagers, especially, stand a chance to start their careers early and have a flourishing one since the unemployment rate in the industry is 0%.

To bridge this gap, WhizHack Technologies – the Centre of Excellence at IIT Jodhpur, has collaborated with prestigious institutes like IITs and works with multiple Israeli firms to provide advanced cyber security courses for teenagers, working professionals, fresh graduates, and students.

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