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Interactive, gamified learning experience for teenagers to defend themselves and
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WhizHack Teenager – Cyber Defense Program

Online programs to encourage 13-17 years old to explore a career paths in cyber defense​

  • Personalized online programs for students Grade 9-12 (age 13-17)
  • Curriculum designed by top Indian and Israeli experts
  • ​Access to cyber security labs at IIT Jodhpur for individual and group projects​
  • WhizHack trainers will teach 1:1 or 1:2 for best learning outcomes
  • Students will study in 3 levels based on continuous assessment and online lab projects: L1, L2, L3​
  • WhizHack certification with DSCI
  • ​30 Hours, 50% Theory + 50% Practicals

Building a culture of knowledge and empowerment in cyber security in Indian teenagers

The internet is a major part of everyone’s lives today, and this is especially true for teenagers, thanks to technological advancements that are being extensively utilized for e-learning and remote learning on a daily basis. This also sheds light on the increasing cases of cyberattacks and hacks, which are not only becoming more frequent but also more advanced, sophisticated, and damaging than ever before. Hence, it is becoming vital to educate and empower Indian teenagers through cyber defense classes who are undoubtedly the most active users of the internet.

Cybersecurity is essential for every sector: Here’s how

Cybersecurity and cyber defense are undoubtedly some of the most crucial aspects to be considered when it comes to several industries that utilize the internet to carry out their functions. This is because cyber security encompasses everything that is concerned with protecting sensitive data, protected health information, personally identifiable information, data, intellectual property, and governmental and industry information and operational systems from damage and theft attempted by sophisticated hackers, attackers, and cybercriminals. All industries are becoming increasingly reliant on technology and the internet, and there are no signs of this slowing down in the near future. Be it an individual, company, or multinational organization, everyone relies on computer systems for basic operations and day-to-day functioning on a much larger scale than ever before. This has also paved the way for cyber security threats and attacks that did not exist a few decades ago, and with the rise in cloud services, inadequate cloud service security, and the extensive use of smartphones, educating the young generation through cyber defense classes and cybersecurity courses online is becoming more and more important.

Information theft is one of the most prevalent forms of cybercrime, and one of the most expensive aspects of these threats, and hence, teaching and training Indian teenagers in this regard through comprehensive and effective cyber defense classes is crucial to help them combat this growing problem. Moreover, since cybersecurity is essential for every sector in the economy, these cyber defense classes not only educate but also present themselves as important and lucrative career paths for many young students who want to build a suitable career in this field.

Awareness is the first line of defense

When it comes to cybersecurity and cyber defense, awareness about existing cybersecurity threats and tactics used by hackers is the first line of defense. As smartphone and mobile device usage grows at a rapid rate, Indian teenagers need to be able to defend themselves and identify key signs at the initial and early stages of a potential cyberattack. This is because teenagers are more exposed to cyberattacks and hackers more than any other demographic today. According to the Pew Research Center, children up to 18 years of age are online for almost 7 hours a day, with 80% of these teenagers highly active on social media. Moreover, in a study conducted by the National Cyber Security Alliance, it was found that an appalling 94% of teenagers utilize the internet and go online for conducting research, both at home and school. This high level of activity, in particular, makes them extremely vulnerable and susceptible to cyberattacks and cybercrimes, and hence, awareness is key to reduce this frequency and protect them from potential threats.

Even a basic certification for cyber security can help in empowering and educating Indian teenagers about persisting threats and make them more aware of the sly and discreet ways through which hackers might target them. Protection of personal devices and data is also important, but education is undoubtedly the first and the most important line of defense. Whizhack provides comprehensive cyber defense classes to help build a culture of knowledge and empowerment in cybersecurity in Indian teenagers, which is crucial for the growing young population that depends extensively on technology for day-to-day functions.

Empowering Indian teenagers with relevant cyber defense classes

According to Stay Safe Online, one-third of a child’s life in the 21st century is spent online. Due to technological advancements, e-learning, and threats such as global pandemics, remote learning is on the rise and up to 77% of children attend online schools for basic education. What’s alarming is that about 91% of these teenagers admit that they often network and connect with people online that they do not know. Hence, it is crucial to educate, aware, and empower young Indian teenagers through a series of cyber defense classes online by platforms such as Whizhack, that not only help them understand the basics of cybersecurity, but also aid in identifying potential threats and crimes, and how to deal with a situation or emergency promptly and appropriately. The best cyber security courses and cyber defense classes aim at helping young minds understand potential threats that they might encounter multiple times a day while using the internet, and how to steer clear of them to avoid being victims of damaging attacks. Moreover, cyber defense classes such as the ones provided by Whizhack in collaboration with the esteemed IIT Jodhpur also add to the qualifications of the young generation, opening up new avenues and offering them great opportunities to work in this field in the future.

Whizhack: a cybersecurity education and awareness pioneer in India through cyber defense classes for teenagers

Whizhack is a cybersecurity education and awareness pioneer in India, to help the young and upcoming generation to be more vigilant when it comes to the growing number of cybercrimes in the country across various sectors. Whizhack offers the best cyber security courses and cyber defense classes to not just educate, but also help young individuals build their resume at an early stage. This not only increases overall employability in the future but also helps young teenagers grasp the importance of cybersecurity in everything they do. Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing fields with a 0% employment rate for the past decade, and hence opting for cyber defense classes that seek to not just educate, but also equip young Indian teenagers with relevant skills and knowledge is one of the best ways to ensure a successful career in this ever-evolving arena.

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