Active social engineering 

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About the Course

This course is basically designed for the basic to advanced level. It will cover advanced knowledge about social engineering techniques and Offensive security approaches. This will help trainees to learn modern social engineering techniques and red team security & make their careers in the Cyber Security industry. This course is for college students & working professionals. After completing this he/she will be able to perform social engineering attacks  

The Prerequisites: 

A computer or laptop with internet to access cloud-based labs

Learning objective

  • 01

    Recognize how human errors pose security risks to data 

  • 02

    Implement strategies to minimize the risk of data being compromised through human error 


  • svg

    Module 1: Introduction to Social Engineering 

  • svg

    Module 2: Attacking Methodology 

  • svg

    Module 3: Defensive Methodology 

  • svg

    Module 4: Attack & Defenses (Active Directory) 

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