School Programs​

Interactive, gamified learning experience for teenagers to defend themselves and
build future career as Cyber Defenders

Incubated at
IIT Jodhpur


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WhizHack School – Accelerator Program

Dedicated programs co-branded with schools to encourage students into the world of Cyber Defense​

  • ​Co-branded Program designed for Schools
  • ​Integrated into school’s existing curricula
  • ​​Dedicated WhizHack Teacher​
  • Dedicated Virtual Cyber Lab for student
  • ​Student handouts, Teacher materials and tech support provided​
  • Three stage program: ​
  • ​Cyber Defense Aware​Defender: 30 (20+10+20) Hours
  • ​Guru: Only 10% of top students
  • Site license- based model based on slabs and revenue sharing ​
  • Certification from WhizHack, School & DSCI​

Student’s Benefits

  • Personalized learning
  • ​Career Pathway for next generation opportunity
  • ​Detailed diagnosis and self discovery
  • ​Individual and Group Projects​Certification

Parent’s Benefits

  • Cyber hygiene and self protection
  • ​​Cyber Defense mindset
  • ​​Sharing of student analytics

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