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Interactive, gamified learning experience for teenagers to defend themselves and
build future career as Cyber Defenders

Incubated at
IIT Jodhpur


WhizHack Teenager Program

Whizhack Technologies has launched India’s 1st Teenager Programs on Cyber Defense that not only make kids aware of Cybercrimes and educate them to combat the attacks of the online realm but also pave a career pathway in Cyber Security – one of the highest-paying industries with a 0% unemployment rate.WhizHack is setting up Center of Excellence in Cyber Security at IIT Jodhpur.

Why choose WhizHack Teenager Program?

  • ​Live classes with Cyber Defense Experts
  • Hands on practice on latest techniques through Personalized Virtual Labs
  • Complimentary access to school administration and parents​
  • End-of-course assessments
  • Certification from WhizHack- Centre of Excellence at IIT Jodhpur TISC (Technology Innovation and Start up Centre)​
  • Career opportunities for high performing learners
  • ​No prerequisite knowledge is required; anyone can learn
  • ​No coding required

About the Multi-tiered Teenager Program:

Level-1- WhizHack Cyber Ninja (Awareness Prog.): This one-day program enables both students and parents to identify Cybercrimes or threats and also highlights the career opportunities for the students in Cyber Security.

  • ​1 day, 3 hour Live program
  • Introduction & awareness of Cyber Security
  • Learn to be safe online​
  • Get to know about career options in Cyber Defense

Cyber Ninja program is for Rs 1,000

Level -2- WhizHack Cyber Samurai (Career Pathway Prog.): This course is specially designed to pave student’s career paths. It provides an understanding of the Linux Operating System, Networking Fundamentals, Hacking, Information Security, and Cyber Ethics.

  • ​1 month program (15 hours concept + 15 hours lab)
  • Sets up the temperament of the students
  • Maps a clear career pathway based on student’s intrinsic interests​
  • Detailed aptitude assessment

Cyber Samurai program is for Rs 6,000 (inclusive of all taxes)

Level – 3- WhizHack Cyber Guru (Advanced Prog.): Cyber Guru is a complete learning program; after the completion of this course, not only the students have advanced knowledge of Ethical Hacking, Networking Bug Bounty Hunting, Digital forensics, etc., but they can also choose a dedicated field in Cyber Security as per their aptitude and interests.

  • 2 month program (25 hours concept + 25 hours lab)
  • Expert knowledge of Cyber Security
  • Makes the students job-ready
  • After completing the course students can start freelancing

Cyber Guru program is for Rs 10,000

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