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About the Course

The capability of an individual to understand computer networks lies in their ability to visualize how individual packets are moving through the network. A thorough understanding of how individual packets work helps you to get a good overview of how a network is functioning. In this course you will learn the basics of computer networking as well you will be introduced to the fundamentals for some of the latest innovations in the field of computer networks. During the course you will find various networking related practical’s which you must perform by yourself and if you get stuck, you can look how the author has solved the practical’s by looking in answers folder. The idea behind these labs is that you must be able to create networks and systems from scratch if given appropriate software. If you are stuck somewhere, there will be answers given in the machine, but it is recommended that you rely on them the least. Apart from displayed practical’s, there are optional practical’s which you must perform on your personal machine if you want to understand networks in depth or gain some extra knowledge. 


Following are the desired skills for aspiring students: 

  • 01

    Prior knowledge of computers is desired. 

  • 02

    Prior knowledge of computer networks is appreciated. 

  • 03

    Familiarity with Linux operating system is desired. 

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will gain the following skills: 

  • Use Cisco packet tracer to simulate LANs, VLANs and perform routing. 

  • Setup software tools for performing network logging and file sharing & Operate software tools to troubleshoot networks. 

  • Perform basic vulnerability scans and find devices connected to a network. 

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