Malware Analysis

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About the Course

Malware analysis is a critical skill in the information security community. This course is basically designed for the basic to Advanced level. It will cover advanced knowledge about both static and dynamic Malware Analysis. This will help trainees to learn modern malware detection techniques & make their careers in the Cyber Security industry. After this course, you will be able to understand the core skills required in malware incident response investigations and analysis of advanced persistent threats.


The Prerequisites: 

A computer or laptop with internet to access cloud-based labs

Course Modules:

  • 01

    Module1: Introduction to Information Security

  • 02

    Module2: Introduction to Malwares

  • 03

    Module3: Stages of Malware Analysis

  • 04

    Module4: Introduction to malware Lab

  • 05

    Module5: Fully automated analysis

  • 06

    Module6: Static property analysis

  • 07

    Module7: Introduction to android malware

  • 08

    Module8: Dynamic Malware analysis

Learning objective:

  • svg

    Types of Malware and Terminologies

  • svg

    Static Analysis

  • svg

    Dynamic Analysis

  • svg

    Unpacking Packed Malware

  • svg

    Identifying Standard and Custom Packers

  • svg

    Dumping Memory from Memory Viewer, Process Hacker and Memory Maps

  • svg

    Hooking VirtualProtect, VirtualAlloc, GetProcAddress, CreateProcessInternal and other common API's

  • svg

    Assembly Language Refresher and Malicious APIs

  • svg

    Analyzing Malicious Documents

  • svg

    Basic Linux Commands Used in Malware Analysis

  • svg

    Insecure Direct Object References IDOR 

  • svg

    De-obfuscating Javascript and VBA scripts

  • svg

    Extracting Embedded Objects and Javascript from PDF documents

Learning objective:

  • Students who has already done a basic level malware analysis course

  • Hackers looking for additional tools and techniques to reverse software

  • Reverse Engineers who want to venture into malware analysis

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