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Know Why Cyber Security Will Be Hottest Career Option In 2022

In today’s time, the whole world is shifting to the digital world, and the digital dependency will only enhance. Thus, the number of scammers and hackers will gradually increase faster, which makes online security the need of the hour. Cyberactivism will become more popular, people suffering from natural disasters will become the target for scammers, consumers’ online tracking will become more advanced, and the number of crypto scams will increase. It is no wonder that 2022 will be a bustling year for everyone in the cyber security industry, leaving them in dire need of skilled cyber security experts. Industry specialists believe it is the right time to enrol in a cyber security institute in India and globally. To know about the latest trends for 2022 or to know how and where to start your career in Cyber Security, read below:

Let’s Have a Look at The Latest Cyber Security Trends For 2022

  1. Digital Identity Will Become More Popular
    Although digitalisation has already taken place, digital identity will become more prevalent in the coming year. When we depend on cyber services, we tend to create our digital identities and accounts; from talking with the family doctor through Zoom to ordering groceries from the comfort of home, most of us prefer using the digital platforms to communicate, work, take care of health, and perform various remote transactions. Consequently, you now need a certain set of credentials that can be transmitted, issued, and verified easily.

Further, the Covid 19 pandemic has forced the entire world to rely almost completely on online and digital platforms for every activity. Hence, cyber security experts are being summoned to create secure, unforgeable credentials for the digital identity of the individuals so that their online privacy can be protected.

  1. Increase in the acts of cyber terrorism and hacktivism
    Cybercriminals make money by stealing the online login credentials of individuals. The more we become dependent on tech support systems for our work, the easier it is for hackers to indulge in phishing activities. Until 2021, the acts of revealing secret information that should be kept protected otherwise have continued and are expected to continue in the coming years. Hence, the need for cyber security specialists will not subside in the coming years.
  2. A continued rise in the numbers of ransomware cyber attacks
    With the gradual shift to the hybrid working model, companies have witnessed online security vulnerabilities over the last year. Ransomware cyberattacks have been on a high due to such hybrid working processes. The ransomware cyber attackers use technology to steal private and important business data from companies. They are demanding double amounts of money in exchange for the data. Hence, in 2022, companies should encourage at least 50% of the employees to enrol into cyber security institutes in India and gain knowledge on different cyber security courses. As ransomware attacks continue to exist at large, more cyber security professionals are the need of the hour.
  3. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning helping cybercriminals
    Technological innovations have made life easier and interesting. Agreed. However, every innovation has a negative side as well. AI and machine learning have helped develop humankind. At the same time, cybercriminals are using these forms of technology to manipulate different videos, media and large datasets. For instance, deepfake technology has gained popularity among activists, stalkers and scammers. With the help of this technology, they can manipulate the content of the original video and put illegal content in its place. Before things go hand, more and more people should be enlightened with cyber-attacks and preventive courses in 2022.
  4. Online consumer behaviour tracking system gone wrong
    Digital marketing is all about tracking the online purchasing behaviour of consumers. Through paid ads and personalised content, digital marketers track the moves of online customers. First party cookies are an integral part of the online marketing strategy. For instance, if you’re visiting a site frequently, then a cookie might restore the login credentials so that you don’t need to type them next time. Third-party cookies, on the contrary, tracks your movement and shows you suggestions so that you visit the page again and again. Although the whole process is exceptionally important for the customers, cyber attackers have taken advantage of the same lately. Through third-party cookies, they can monitor the consumers’ online activities and steal essential data. Thus 2022 and beyond, cyber professionals are required in large numbers to create firewalls and protect the data during online surveillance.
  5. Insufficient knowledge about cryptocurrencies leading to online malpractices
    Cryptocurrencies are a new name to the people of the digital world. For novice people who are still stuck with the traditional bank payment system, cryptocurrency is a digital payment method where an individual doesn’t have to rely on the bank for verifying the transactions. You can now send and receive payment anywhere through online transactions. Many companies have resorted to cryptocurrency as it is a simple method. However, since many people globally are still not aware of the dos and don’ts of using cryptocurrency, scammers are taking undue advantage. Day by day, new and creative methods of scamming through cryptocurrency exchange are now being devised by global cyber attackers. Thus, cyber security courses are the need of the hour.

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