IIT Jodhpur TISC Bootcamp

IITJ Cyber Security Course Certification Program on CyberDefense


IIT Jodhpur TISC Dual Certification Program on CyberDefense Powered by WhizHack Technologies and ThriveDX, Israel.

IITJ TISC Bootcamp covers the hands-on and practical skills necessary for Bootcampers to land high-paying careers in cyber security, one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. The Bootcamp, supported by ThriveDX and WhizHack,  is an accelerated cyber security training program designed to successfully prepare people with little or no background in IT for entry-level jobs in cybersecurity, a highly in-demand and lucrative career path. The Bootcamp is delivered in a blended format with both on campus learning and online self-paced activities.

IIT Jodhpur TISC Bootcamp

Next batch starts from October 2022


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    Incubated at IIT Jodhpur

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    Course Fee: INR 1,65,000 + GST

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    EMI Available Starting at Rs. 8,945/- (Subject to Finance Approval)

Sample Certificates

IIT Cyber Security Course Certificate from ThriveDX

Dual Certification

IIT Jodhpur TISC Advanced Certificate Program on CyberDefense Powered by WhizHack Technologies and ThriveDX, Israel.

IIT Cyber Security Course Certificate from IITJ TISC

Cyber security is the fastest growing market in technology with 30x growth over the last decade.

Not only is it a hot topic, but the field has had 0% unemployment for nearly a decade. With plentiful opportunities and competitive compensation, the only thing standing in your way of a lucrative, future-proof career is skill.

Cyber security consists of all relevant technologies, practices, and strategies to keep computer systems, data on cloud servers, and digital infrastructure safe. It is an enormous and rapidly growing field, with an increasing relevance across all sectors as business practices and functions move online for optimization and convenience. Getting hacked or attacked is not just a direct and serious threat for companies that hold and store confidential data- it can also potentially ruin their relationships with their valuable customers and land them in serious legal situations that can harm a brand’s reputation and financial health. Hence, it comes as no surprise that the estimated spend on cybersecurity measures will hit a staggering $170 billion by 2022 worldwide, according to predictions by international research and advisory firm Gartner Inc.

In short, the ThriveDX Bootcamp is for anyone interested in becoming a cyber security professional.

If a dynamic and rewarding career is something you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place. Cyber security opens doors to many opportunities and future work roles

Cyber security experts or cyber security intelligence officers have a steadily growing demand worldwide, and with cyber security itself having a 0% unemployment rate in the past decade, it is one of the most attractive and lucrative career opportunities for individuals who want to be a part of this dynamic and important industry. In simple terms, a cybersecurity expert is a qualified professional with relevant experience in the field and helps in protecting sensitive data and information from unauthorized access, illegal duplication, and theft. Cyber security experts are aware of the latest trends in the industry and the advanced tactics used by hackers and cybercriminals, and hence, effectively analyze potential and existing risks and threats. They then devise comprehensive strategies and action plans to protect the organizations they work from against cyberattacks and cybercriminals.

Essentially, cybersecurity experts or specialists work with an organization’s IT team to protect the overall integrity of the business’ data and network, requiring significant technical expertise over time. However, becoming a cybersecurity expert is not limited to computer science or IT majors, and with cybersecurity courses from IIT and cybersecurity courses from Israel, aspirants from any major get entry-level jobs and work their way up in this sector to acquire this position. Moreover, the job role of a cybersecurity expert is extremely dynamic, and an amalgamation of hard skills and soft skills that need to be present equally for effective implementation of cybersecurity measures in any company. These include strong decision-making skills, excellent problem-solving and analytical skills, and outstanding computer and IT skills. Cyber security is often deemed to be a super difficult and extremely complex field, but this is not always the case. Even with a basic certification for cybersecurity, individuals can get entry-level jobs and develop the necessary expertise and skills to move to bigger positions over time.

In the contemporary scenario, the demand for cybersecurity experts is soaring at a rapid rate and hence, now is the best time to grasp this important opportunity to build a successful career in this dynamic field. Enrolling in cyber security courses from IIT and cyber security courses from Israel such as the ones offered by Whizhack is one of the best ways to enter this rewarding field. Platforms such as Whizhack offer some of the best cybersecurity courses available in India today and have partnered with international organizations such as ThriveDX from Israel for unique and effective learning models to help individuals and cyber security enthusiasts gain relevant experience with practical learning and training models. The curriculum for these cyber security courses from IIT and cyber security courses from Israel is developed by industry leaders, academicians, and experts in the field to ensure that their certifications have global relevance and applicability. Another important and attractive feature of these cyber security courses from IIT is that they are usually self-paced and offer flexible learning to blend in with the varying schedules of working professionals for necessary upskilling.

Cyber security is one of the most important components of any individual’s or enterprise’s overall security, thanks to the increasing use and reliance on the internet. Cybercrime damages are predicted to exceed an appalling and concerning $6 trillion by 2021, and hence, every sector utilizing the latest technology and software is investing strategically in cybersecurity infrastructure. Be it banks, hospitals, tech companies, or government agencies, cyber security has become crucial to secure networks, systems, and related digital infrastructure to protect various business practices and the millions of customers that trust these industries with their sensitive data.

Whizhack is a pioneer when it comes to providing relevant cyber security courses from IIT and cyber security courses from Israel to individuals across the country to empower them and help them build a successful career in this rapidly growing field. Whizhack combines the power of IITs, Israelis, and industry leaders through comprehensive course plans and structures, learning strategies, and by offering exclusive expertise of cybersecurity veterans, who are a part of the faculty for various cyber security courses. Whizhack’s exclusive cyber security courses from Israel are designed and curated by experts with a highly engaging pedagogy and active mentoring by global practitioners, top academicians, and industry experts. Hence, even the most basic certification for cybersecurity provided by Whizhack has great global relevance and applicability. Moreover, by partnering with Israeli organizations such as ThriveDX for cyber security courses online such as the IIT Jodhpur TISC Advanced Certificate Program on Cyber Defense, Whizhack brings new learning tactics and practices which are combined with hands-on training and practical learning to help individuals build a rewarding and dynamic career in this lucrative field. With cyber security courses from Israel developed and built around military training methodologies and hands-on learning, Whizhack also offers cyber security enthusiasts two accelerated tracks for a flexible, agile, and effective learning experience.

The ThriveDX Bootcamp was developed around military training methodologies and hands-on learning. We know that everyone learns differently which is why WizHack offers Bootcampers with accelerated track:

  • Part-time, 6 months: This will cover the content, over a longer period of time and with on-site classes occurring twice a week.


  • 01

    Module 1

    Introduction to the Bootcamp Overview of the Cybersecurity Landscape and Industry Basics of Computer and Device Hardware, Software, Operating Systems and Processes Basics of Networking Traffic, Hardware Components and Topology Network Communication Principles and Methods

  • 02

    Module 2

    Network and Routing Protocols / Services Packet Level Traffic Analysis Hands-on Operation of a Computer Network and Equipment, Monitoring and Analyzing Network Traffic Flow, Patterns and Performance Hands-on Creation and Analysis of Critical Network Servers.

  • 03

    Module 3

    Hands-on Creation and Analysis of Telnet, Web, Data and Active Directory Servers Hands-on Analysis of Network Topologies, Network Mapping and OS Fingerprinting Telecommunication Concepts and Range System and Network Admin Concepts, Management Principles and Controls Hands-on Creation and Use of Virtual Machines and Bootable USB OS

  • 04

    Module 4

    Overview of Threats, Classes, Attackers, Tactics, and Application Security Risks (OWASP) Overview of Threats, Classes, Attackers, Tactics, and Application Security Risks (OWASP) Hands-on Communications Security through Encrypting and Decrypting Data and Medias Hands-on Backup and Recovery of Data, Devices and Servers • Network Security Principles, Methods, Protocols, Components and Architectures

  • 05

    Module 5

    Hands-on Assessment of Access Controls and Hardening Techniques to Ensure a Network’s Security Hands-on Configuration and Utilization of a Firewall (on Windows, Linux and Hardware Firewall) Hands-on Configuration and Utilization of a Network/Host Intrusion Detection/Prevention System to Alert and Prevent Malicious Activity on a Network

  • 06

    Module 6

    Hands-on Configuration and Utilization of a Security Information and Event Management System to Correlate, Research, Analyze Logs and Provide Timely Detection of Misuse, Threats and Malicious Activity on the Network Hands-on Malware Detection, Analysis, Isolation and Removal

  • 07

    Module 7

    Cyber-Forensic Investigation Methodologies, Mindset, Tools Hands-on Forensics Investigation: Logs, System Files, Media, Memory Dump and Traffic Monitoring and Analysis

  • 08

    Module 8

    Overview of Network Vulnerabilities, Associated Attacks; Ethical Hacking Methodologies, Stages, Principles, Tools and Techniques Hands-on Conducting of Vulnerability and Compliance Scanning; and Correction Recommendation Hands-on Performing Incident Response, Damage Assessment, Incident Triage, Tracking and Reporting

  • 09

    Module 9

    Full Day Scenarios: Hands-on Protecting a Network from a Range of Cyber-Attacks (DDoS, SQL Injection, XSS, Ransomware, MiTM, ARP Poisoning, etc.)

  • 10

    Module 10

    Analysis of System Security and Organizational Posture Trends Analysis of Cyber-Defense Trends and Staying at the Cutting Edge of the Industry Performing of Security Design and Architecture Evaluation and Ensuing Recommendation

  • 11

    Module 11

    Hands-on Process of the Whole Chain of Custody for Handling Digital Evidence Hands-on Performing of Static and Dynamic Analysis of Drive Images and other Data Sources, Recovery and Mitigation/Remediation of an Enterprise System

  • 12

    Module 12

    Risk and Security Management Processes and Security Models Cybersecurity and Privacy Principles Advising on Disaster Recovery, Contingency and Continuity Summary and Presentation by Bootcampers Technical and Soft-Skill Preparation of a Job Interview Final Hands-on Scenario

Advantages of a Career in Cyber Security

  • 0% Unemployment rate since 2011

  • $80,000 Averge entry level salary

  • 350% Cyber job growth through 2021

Our Faculties and Mentors

Dr. Somitra Sanadhya

Associate Professor, CSE@ IIT Jodhpur

Dr. Debasis Das

Assistant Professor at IIT Jodhpur

Roy Zur

CEO at ThriveDX Solutions

Aviel Tzarfaty

Product Manager at ThriveDX Solutions

Sanjay Sengupta

CTO at WhizHack


Most frequent questions and answers

This is the 1st and only Cyber Security training program that offers dual degrees – combining India’s most eminent academic institution (IIT) and access to pedagogy and labs from the World’s most advanced country in Cyber Security (Israel).

Demand for Cyber Defense professionals is extremely high across the World, including India to defend high value assets. WhizHack is offering 2 certificates to completing students – one from IIT Jodhpur TISC and second from Cybint that is aligned with NIST-NICE (US). This will help students access both International and Indian Cyber Defender career opportunities with 2 top geography specific brands.

WhizHack is India’s leading vertically integrated Cyber Security technology company incubated at IIT Jodhpur. It specializes in developing product IPs and providing certified training programs with IITs and Global majors.

ThriveDX is an Israeli Cyber Security training enterprise that specializes in providing global employment linked Certificate Programs.

With the increase in dependency on technology,  the threat to our online security increases manifold. Cyber Security is the latest and most in demand course that has seen zero percent unemployment and unprecedented global demand and career opportunities.

Yes, this course can be useful for anyone having logical skill and general computer knowledge irrespective of any stream.

The Bootcamp program does not have any pre-requisite understanding of any computer programming. Any graduate with over 60% marks can apply provided they are analytical, possess good reading and hearing skills and have perseverance in constantly updating their knowledge.

Government jobs require graduation only whereas specialization with such a dual certification will provide the edge during interviews. However, globally these certifications are critical in IT & Corporate Sector.

WhizHack will provide 100% placement support to all passing candidates as well as exclusive access to global and Indian pool of open international jobs. Also, certain deserving students will be offered positions by WhizHack in their product developments or external projects.

Certifications can be a differentiator between you and someone else competing for the same position, particularly in India wherein brands like IIT become a big differentiator. Global employers prefer it because of standardization (like NIST/NICE, CompTIA Security+ Certification etc). The certification is provided to you after the assessment of your knowledge and aptitude learnt through the intensive training programs of the course. This in turn qualifies you to work in any prestigious organization as a Cyber Security Professional.

Yes, throughout the training, you will be subject to various assessments to evaluate your growth and reviews of your performances in various tests, so as to ascertain the challenges which are being faced by you , thereby helping you to overcome them.

Live online classes will happen for 2 hours per day,during the weekends. In addition, personalized and group online lab sessions will be taken by students to apply knowledge for another 2 hours.

All lab sessions will be online using latest Israeli techniques and softwares.

A laptop or desktop is mandatory. Even a basic system will do as you only require the browser.

No, each module is designed intensively to upgrade your knowledge and also the certification willbe only provided when you go through each module and clear the subsequent tests.

The online lab sessions involve intensive team based projects to jointly solve a challenge.  The students will be mentored by IIT Jodhpur and Israeli experts.

Subject to successful completion of all course modules and assessments, students will be provided 2 certifications by WhizHack – one from IIT Jodhpur TISC and second from Cybint that is aligned with NIST-NICE (US). Students have the option of undertaking additional CompTIA Security+ exam and get the reputed 3rd party certification independently.

No other certification that assesses baseline cybersecurity skills has performance-based questions on the exam. and hands-on practical skills and has DoD 8570 compliance. The Security+ certification covers the Junior IT Auditor/Penetration Tester job role, in addition to the previous job roles for Systems Administrator, Network Administrator, and Security Administrator.

We will attempt to provide placement support to all our finishing candidates. Our course has seen over 95% placement success across the World because of latest skillsets demanded by employers. In addition, WhizHack will also provide employment seeking guidance, building CVs, building professional CVs on LinkedIn and marketing students to premier employers.

Payments are to be made 100% in advance.

Due to very high demand and limited seats for this program there is no refund. The course fees paid is not refundable due to very high demand and limited seats.

Over 95% of ThriveDX certified students receive global placements. WhizHack has several openings in India that can accommodate certified students from the current in its current projects.

There is no IIT and Israeli dual certificate program with live teaching in small batches at our offered price anywhere in the world.

We have only limited 75 seats and unfortunately cannot be reduced. Limited scholarships are available for students with exceptional academic records and aptitude and financially handicapped.

Starting salaries Cyber Experts range from a minimum of Rs. 400,000 per annum. This can increase based on student competence and complexity of project.

Courses will commence from April 2021 and will be completed by September 2021

The Cyber Defense Bootcamp is an accelerated Cyber Security training program designed to successfully prepare people with little or no background in IT for entry level jobs in Cyber Security, a highly in-demand and lucrative career path. The Bootcamp is delivered completely online with both live video classroom sessions and online self-paced activities.

The Advanced Certificate Bootcamp Program in Cyber Defense blends the best of Indian academicians, top industry experts, Israeli pedagogy, and best practices lab to provide a unique learning experience and dual certification to learners. Cyber security being a global issue, excelling in skillsets automatically would allow learners to access the best of Global and Indian careers.

None of the Training partner is giving you the Dual Certifications having Global Acceptance.  Our Cyber Security bootcamp program is running by the Mentors of Worlds’ most respectful Education & Training bodies IIT, Jodhpur from India and Cybint, Israel.

IIT itself is a brand name in IT and Acceptance from all Corporates, IT Companies & Government bodies whereas Israel is the country setting up the parameters and new boundaries into Defence & IT Cyber Security.