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How to use public wi-fi securely?

Nowadays, free public Wi-fi is one of those amenities that are easily available in public places like café, airports, train stations, libraries, hotel, etc., As much as we enjoy free wi-fi it also makes us highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks when we make online transaction or access our private accounts using the public network. Thankfully, if we up our online privacy game, there are ways to protect ourselves from common cyber-attacks. To know about how to use public wi-fi securely read on.

What is Public Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is one of the wireless network technologies that is commonly used for local area networking allowing nearby devices connect to the internet connection and exchange data by electromagnetic waves and not the cables. As mentioned above, free Wi-Fi is available in shopping malls, airports, restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, public transport, hotel rooms – you name it. These networks are used by millions of people on a daily basis. According to a recent survey by ITRC, three out of four respondents said they use free public Wi-Fi. You might love using free wi-fi and so do the Hackers, so when you use these public wi-fis network security and information security are in highly compromised state.

But what happens when the network security and information security are in a compromised situation? Below are some cyber threats that the compromised state leads to.

These compromised states lead to cyber threats like:

1.Man-In-The-Middle Attack (MITM) is an incredibly dangerous type of cyber-attack that involves a hacker infiltrating a private network by impersonating a rogue access point and acquiring login credentials.

2.Passive capturing are done packet sniffers which are computer programs that can monitor traffic on a wireless network. They can also intercept some data packages and provide a user with their contents.

3.Rogue (or Unauthorized/Ad-Hoc) Access Points is one method often used by attackers involves setting up a rogue access point within the range of an existing wireless LAN.

4.Evil Twin Attacks is when an attacker can gather enough information about a wireless access point to impersonate it with their own, stronger broadcast signal.

5.Malware and Ransomware is like when connecting to a home or work network, some form of anti-malware control is likely to have been installed, but those protections are often lacking on public Wi-Fi hotspots. Without the protection of AV software and a web filter, malware can be silently downloaded.

Ways to protect Data in public wi-fi

If you can’t avoid public Wi-Fi networks, you should at least ensure you’re well-protected when using them. Fortunately, there are some useful tips that you can follow to ensure cyber safety on public Wi-Fi networks:

1. Verify the Network; Configure and Turn off Sharing

2. Use a VPN: VPNs are another source of Wi-Fi network security. They allow users to create secure, identity-protected tunnels between unprotected Wi-Fi networks and the internet.

3. Use HTTPS: If you don’t have access to a VPN, making sure you are only visiting encrypted sites can also help protect your data from some of the threats outlined above.

4. Keep the Network Firewall Enabled: Turning on the firewall can prevent hackers’ unauthorized external access to your system. A firewall won’t provide complete protection, but it’s a setting that should always be enabled.

5. Use Antivirus: Antivirus can help protect you while using public Wi-Fi by detecting malware that might get into your system while using the shared network.

Note: Do not use your sensitive information like, bank credentials, office emails, medical records, PII.

All the above factors make it extremely essential for business and individuals equipped in cyber security to be able to protect themselves and others from cyber threats. Consider the dire need of cyber security experts in the world, WhizHack Technologies has partnered with top IITs, NITs and Israeli pedagogy to provide cyber security certification and has introduced a Dual Certification Program in collaboration with IIT Jodhpur TISC and Israeli pedagogy. This program aims to provide practical skills to the students and help them land high-paying careers in the cyber security industry. Enrol now and join the service providers to protect companies against data threat vulnerabilities. Not only that, knowing the fact that taking security measures cannot guarantee your safety, WhizHack is also producing some path breaking cyber safety products to increase your cyber security. WhizHak has introduced a revolutionary product with triple layered security software that provided advanced and enhanced security.

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