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cybersecurity for beginners course

Cybersecurity is one of the most sought-after fields in the tech industry, and the demand for qualified cybersecurity professionals is increasing day by day due to the rising number of cyber attacks and cyber hacks that companies face. One of the many reasons why organizations are unable to find experienced cybersecurity professionals they so desperately require is because there just are not enough tech pros who have mastered not only the technical skills but also possess important soft skills that are crucial for the successful implementation of cybersecurity and cyber defense mechanisms. Here are some of the most common and important must-have skills you must have to build a successful career in cybersecurity!

  1. A strong base of technical skills

The cybersecurity field is vast and extensive, and while there are several specializations one can opt for, some basics are crucial to build a successful career in cybersecurity. Several jobs in the cybersecurity sector share a similar technical foundation, and with Whizhack’s cybersecurity courses for beginners, you can build the basics and strengthen them before you choose a specialization. Whizhack’s Cyber Defense Bootcamp is designed specifically for individuals who have an aptitude for cybersecurity, and who are passionate about the field. Individuals with little or no IT background can also apply as the program prepares them for good entry-level jobs in the cybersecurity industry. Due to the nature of the field, this cybersecurity for beginners course prepares cybersecurity enthusiasts by equipping them with hands-on and practical skills to help them land jobs in high-paying careers.

A strong base of technical skills through cybersecurity courses for beginners, such as the ones provided by Whizhack, also ensures that individuals who want to build a successful career in the field of cybersecurity understand the administration, architecture, and management of various operating systems, virtualization, and networking software. The Cyber Defense Bootcamp by Whizhack provides flexible learning options that span 3 or 6 months, depending on the preferences of the individuals, and are delivered 100% online to ensure that remote learning makes them more accessible and feasible. Moreover, 50% of the pedagogy comprises hands-on learning on live projects and scenarios to ensure that students get a better grasp and understanding of the basic technical skills and requirements which are crucial and mandatory for the field.


  1. Soft skills

Cybersecurity professionals need to be articulate and should have excellent communication skills, in addition to necessary technical skills. This is an obvious but underrated requirement simply because they need to adequately and effectively communicate complicated subjects related to their field to individuals who might not have a similar technical background, such as C-suite executives. Moreover, to advance in any field, individuals need to work on their soft skills and communication skills to deliver the desired results and drive efficient communication and relevant messaging. These include excellent presentation skills to adequately communicate with the management and the customers, the ability to describe, define and simplify complex concepts both through written and verbal means, and the important usage of active listening skills, especially when they are interacting with clients and customers. Cybersecurity professionals do not work in isolation, and through these soft skills, they can also effectively identify examples of and explain ‘social engineering, which is a growing and pervasive issue in the security community. By making other employees aware of social engineering tactics used by hackers to manipulate users and extract sensitive information, they also ensure that the highest levels of cybersecurity are implemented.

  1. Implementation skills

Understanding and implementing are two different things altogether, and no matter how efficient a cybersecurity professional is- if they are not able to use their skills to the advantage of the organization they are working for, there is no point of knowledge accumulation and understanding. A good cybersecurity pro knows how to effectively examine a company’s security system and software from a holistic point of view, which includes threat modeling, specifications, testing, vulnerability assessment, and most importantly, implementation. Individuals who have completed cybersecurity courses for beginners such as Whizhack’s Cyber Defense Bootcamp are given hands-on training with projects and simulated scenarios to strengthen their implementation skills and increase their overall applicability and the students’ employability in the field.

  1. Management skills

Management is an important function that governs the efficient working of any field or industry, and hence, management skills when it comes to cybersecurity are often almost as important as technical or implementation skills. These include various functions and responsibilities such as organizing and coordinating technical assessments. These vulnerability assessments include penetration testing, web application assessments, network vulnerability assessments, physical security assessments, wireless security assessments, social engineering assessments, and finally, implementing secure infrastructure solutions. Management skills are crucial for a field such as cybersecurity as they also help in the recommendation and setting up of appropriate technical direction when it comes to managing security incidents, and are essential for ensuring the overall integrity of the final processes and approach.

  1. Ability to understand the big picture

Finally, it is important to understand that cybersecurity is an innovating and evolving field that is super comprehensive and dynamic when compared to other traditional industries. Therefore, it is imperative that cybersecurity enthusiasts and professionals go beyond the basic understanding of concepts and principles and also take initiative to understand and find out about the latest privacy and security regulations. Being privy to major advancements in such a lucrative field is crucial to succeed and build a desirable career that is growth-driven and hence, individuals must possess the ability to understand the big picture when it comes to cybersecurity.

If you are interested in building a suitable and successful career in cyber security, we recommend you opt for Whizhack’s Cyber Defense Bootcamp, which is India’s first dual certificate program that equips you with the necessary skills, information, and knowledge to compete and make your mark in the industry. Cybersecurity is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and through our comprehensive cybersecurity for beginners course that is taught by some of the leading industry experts, you can build a relevant skillset that will help you advance your career in cybersecurity in a short period.