About Whizhack

Why Whizhack?

As Indians, we realize the dichotomy of the digital future. Today India produces some of the brightest engineers that go on to work with the biggest of global companies as part of product IP creation. India on the other hand has mostly produced IT outsourcing service companies. As a developing country, our short term goal of socio-economic security have obfuscated our long term vision of pursuing an idea and producing a product of global significance.

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    To be Ranked #1 Vertically Integrated Cyber Security Innovation Player

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    Invest in Deep Research to create globally respected Digital Products and Empowered Human Capital

What is Whizhack?

WhizHack has been formed by 3 highly passionate Indians, who realize that only the right cyber security ecosystem can empower budding entrepreneurs and produce global product IPs.
Our paths converged in forming WhizHack when we realized that with the explosion of the cloud economy, India needs its own best-in-class portfolio. This is India’s moment to not become self-reliant but serve as an engine of innovation-as-a-service to the rest of the World.
Our Mission is to not only to create a pipeline of cyber security products but also a team of empowered manpower that can drive sustainable innovation in securing digital assets of tomorrow.


Sanjay Senguta

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Sanjay is a visionary technologist. His training as a Masters in Computers and Space Physics, in the early years of tech boom, allowed him to work in product development across UK and USA with leading companies like Bay Networks, Nortel Networks etc. In a moment of nationalistic inspiration, he decided to return to India to pursue his lifelong ambition of building a true blue Indian IP. He built an integrated health information systems platform that still works in over 50 top hospitals. For the past decade, he was the product architect of the World’s #1 rated Cyber Deception company

Sanjay stays in Delhi with his wife and two sons. When not pursuing new frontiers in cyber security, he loves answering questions in Quora on topics ranging from Indian philosophy to Indian satellites.

Kaushik Ray

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Kaushik loves predicting the future before it becomes obvious. Over his stint with European and American MNCs and startups in the Ed-tech and Health-tech fields, he built highly symbiotic alliances that created completely new paradigms in business models. Kaushik also owns a business that has set up a tech-driven health knowledge network for multiple state Governments in India and expanding to North America. Kaushik is also active in his IIT Delhi alumni, guides several startups and has built academic and research associations within this network.

He stays in Gurgaon with his wife and daughter, hates any monotony, loves singing, and dreams of forming a fusion band one day. In case you’re stuck on cross roads of a business conundrum or looking to work with him in building breakthrough innovations.

Kallol Sil

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Kallol is an indomitable growth engine. During his leadership stints in MNCs like Comparex, Ernst & Young & Microsoft He has headed all possible business units including Enterprise, Government, Consulting, SME etc though he particularly thrived on starting new divisions or significantly turning around stagnant ones. He was the recipient of “National Human Capital Leadership Award” presented by World HRD Congress & Zee Media. Kallol has also mentored several startups and identified key ecosystem gaps that can make Indian companies match the scale and success of their global counterparts.

Kallol stays in Gurgaon with his wife and daughter and loves to experiment with exotic travel and food.