5 Ways to Have a Safer Online Shopping Experience

Online shopping is the easiest and most hassle-free way to shop as it lets you shop for your favourite items from the comfort of your living space. Especially during the pandemic, where almost everything shifted towards the digital world, online shopping emerged as the best way to purchase even the daily necessities. Consequently, most of us are buying things on the internet more than ever, and with this vulnerability to hacking and cyberattacks grows. Thus, considering this increasing dependency on purchasing things online, we will discuss in this blog a few important tips to have a safe online shopping experience.


Important Tips to Shop Safe Online:

While shopping online always take care of a few things listed below to ensure a safe and secure shopping experience:

  1. Shop from trusted and popular sites only: The rise in the trend of online shopping has given birth to many eCommerce sites, but always ensure that you purchase from the sites that are trusted and popular. Do not fall for unknown sites that have enticing sales and offers, as these are the ways of tricking you into giving up your personal information.
  2. Don’t use an e-store that asks for more information than required: Always remember that if a merchant requests more information than your shipping address, telephone number, payment method, and email address, just walk away. Be cautious about giving too much personal information; it is a good practice to check the site’s privacy policies.
  3. Set a unique password: Most shopping sites ask you for creating an account while making a purchase. If you are making a rare purchase then you can skip making the account and shop as a guest. In case you have to create one, use a unique and strong password.
  4. Always use a secure network: While making a purchase be assured that you are using a trusted network. Not all public networks and “free Wi-Fi” are safe. Always use your private network and even if you use a trusted public Wi-Fi, use a virtual private network (VPN) to be safe.
  5. Check if the site is secure: If you are shopping from the website, make sure the site is secure before entering your details onto the site. Look out for the spelling errors in the URL and make sure that it is “https:” and not “http:”; the ‘s’ at the end tells you that the website is secure and encrypted to protect your personal info.


Although the above few points can help you be cautious while shopping online, they do not make you immune to cyber-attacks out there online. Thus, lack of awareness and knowledge about Cyber Defense and security is now a global concern. It is also resulting in the skill-shortage of Cyber Security Experts to make our online experience safer. It is high time that we encourage fresh graduates, early career seekers and even the kids to choose a career in Cyber Security. This is why WhizHack Technologies has pioneered to launch of Cybersecurity courses in India for kids or students. Our Multi-tiered Cyber Defense Program for teenagers is designed to educate through live personal classes or integrated school programs. It is an initiative taken to revolutionize the awareness about Cyberattacks, their prevention and to pave the career pathway for kids’ future in an industry with 0% unemployment. WhizHack is setting up Cyber Security Centre of Excellence at IIT Jodhpur and has knowledge partnerships with top Israeli Cyber Defense Organizations, to offer a range of personalized best cyber security training programs from IIT to skill, upskill and reskill teenagers, fresh graduates and working professionals for the World’s most attractive career of Cyber Defense.