2 Major Cyber Security Training Challenges in India

The IT sector of India has become the hub for technological innovations. With the advent of globalisation, majority of the Indian businesses are depended on online sources for their business. Indians are now using the internet for different needs, ranging from shopping, banking, studying, and storing data on clouds. With the increase in the same, the number of cybercrime rates has also increased. Thus, small and big companies are searching for young professionals who have sufficient cyber security training to prevent such malicious activities.

Although offline and online cyber security training in India has developed a lot in the last few years, there are some challenges in the training system.

Online Cyber Security Training IndiaCyber security challenges faced in India

Lack of national cyber security norms

Although different guidelines for cyber security training programs have been made up and are being implemented in different institutes, there’s no specific guideline related to the same. Unlike the other educational sector, no national or standard curriculum has been established for imparting education related to cyber security training in India. Although a few positions have been created towards this cause on the national platform, it is still a long way down the line.

No awareness among young Indians

As there is no national regulatory policy for cybersecurity training, there is a high lack of awareness among a huge Indian mind. Netizens are not aware of the basic ways to protect their data and legal frameworks. Although India has a big IT workforce, only a few are completely aware of the cyber security threats and prevention techniques that must be incorporated.

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