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  • Centre of Excellence with IIT, Jodhpur

  • Collaborative Research Lab

  • Exclusive Knowledge Partnerships with Industry leaders

  • Engagement with Police and Defence Cybersecurity Teams

  • Curriculum curated by industry experts


Deep Research with Indian and global academic institutions.

  • IIT Jodhpur
  • ThriveDX
  • Attivo Networks
  • NPTI

Our Professional Learning Programs:

It is impossible to imagine life today without digital material. As a result of the explosive growth in the number of devices and their use, the traces produced using these devices have become more and more important in combating crime. This growth requires a new understanding of forensic data analysis: of the way the data on these devices is processed and of the way the traces collected by this processing is analyzed.

Our Products:

Complete range of products for Small and large enterprises to diagnose, empower and prevent cyber attack.

Our Specialization Courses:

It is impossible to imagine life today without digital material. With WhizHack’s specialized courses in cyber security, become industry ready in no time!

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By whizhack / June 6, 2022

Nowadays, free public Wi-fi is one of those amenities that are easily available in public places like café, airports, train stations, libraries, hotel, etc., As